I grew up wandering between my father’s architecture's office and the library where my mother used to work, flipping through books. But I’ve never became a good reader or writer, what really captivated me were the colors, the shapes, the visual balances and unbalances. I brought this to drawing, sculpting, graphic expression, then I started studying architecture, never finished it, though.

Photography, however, had never called my attention until sometime ago. It was an unknown pleasure till then. Instagram seemed to be the best way of keeping record of my pictures. The number of followers on the pictures grew up unexpectedly, that showed me that my look was on the right direction. And now, besides my individual taste for searching for beautiful things and registering them on camera, this is what motivates me to keep photographing.


I photograph whenever something moves me, and I think this gives soul to the photos.

Photographer of wedding, portrait, packshot, still life, travel, fashion and more...

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Marcelo Ruduit - Paris 2018 - By Alex Garcia
Portrat - Photographer - Paris - Marcelo Ruduit - @ruduit - @alexgarciafotografia